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OFHC Copper

OFHC Copper Suppliers

OFE (Oxygen-Free Electronic) or OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) Copper is the highest purity grade of copper at 99.99%.

Are you looking for a bespoke manufactured OFHC Copper product, insensitive to stress corrosion cracking? Speak to City Special Metals today, either via calling us or through a contact form. Alternatively, look through a range of other specialist alloys for information on our other bespoke manufactured products.

OFHC Copper Stockist Range

Product FormRange FromRange To
Copper OFE Plate icon

Copper OFE Plate

Copper OFE Round Bar icon

Copper OFE Round Bar

Copper OFE Square Bar icon

Copper OFE Square Bar

Copper OFE Sheet icon

Copper OFE Sheet

Copper OFE Coil icon

Copper OFE Coil

Copper OFE Wire icon

Copper OFE Wire

Copper OFE Tube icon

Copper OFE Tube

3mm o/d x 1mm wall101.6mm o/d x 12.7mm wall

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Beneficial Properties

  • Conductivity Very good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Durability Strong performance, toughness and resilience
  • Flexibility Good workability, weldability and easy to machine
  • Corrosion-Resistant High resistance to certain corrosive environments and elements, fatigue and wear

Markets & Applications

  • Electrical components and equipment such as: conductors, microwave mechanisms, transistor elements, seals in electric appliances
  • High vacuum environments
  • Applications where there is little risk of undesirable chemical reactions
  • High Voltage electrodes
  • Particle accelerators

OFHC Copper Composition

Mechanical Properties

Metallurgical ConditionHard
Yield StrengthKSI (MPa)20 (137) Max
Tensile StrengthKSI (MPa)31-37 (213-255)
Elongation(50mm)33 min - 42 max

Technical Specifications



OxygenO0.0005 max

Physical Properties

Co Efficient of Thermal Expansion
Melting Point°F1981
Modulus of Elasticity at 20°CKSI17000
Youngs / Shears ModulusMPa127000
Specific HeatJ/g-K°C0.39
Thermal Conductivity at 20°CW.m-¹°C386-394
Electrical ConductivityIACS @ 20°C101
Thermal Coefficients of Electrical Resistance 0-100°C10-3/K3.81

Copper OFE

Copper Alloy Properties

OFHC Copper is electrolytically refined in a carefully regulated, oxygen-free environment. Our copper elements have reduced oxygen levels of .001% or below and each is thermally & electrically conductive.

Oxygen-free copper products perform extremely well during hot and cold forming, whilst both Coppers also boasts excellent corrosion resistance. This is seen particularly with its resistance to atmospheric and water influences.

We offer a bespoke service so, if you don’t see the size or form that you require, contact us either by phone, email or our contact form below, and we will provide a solution to your requirements.