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Inconel 625

Inconel 625 Suppliers

Inconel 625 (Alloy 625) is a nickel-chromium alloy with the addition of refractory metals columbium and molybdenum.

City Special Metals manufacture bespoke Inconel 625 products to the highest standard, alongside other specialist alloys and are widely known as Europe's largest stockist of low and controlled expansion alloys. Discuss your requirements by contacting our team today.

Inconel 625 Stockist Range

Product FormRange FromRange To
Alloy 625 Round Bar iconAlloy 625 Round Bar9.53mm266.7mm
Alloy 625 Sheet & Coil iconAlloy 625 Sheet & Coil0.25mm3.175mm
 Alloy 6254.0mm101.6mm
 Inconel 6250.5mm3.175mm

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Inconel 625 Products & Properties

As a nickel based superalloy, Alloy 625 is known for high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics. Meanwhile, it is used across various industries and applications.

Speak to City Special Metals today if you have an questions or would like to speak to us about Inconel Alloy 625 or any of our other speciality alloys. Get in touch by either calling us or messaging us using any of the contact forms on our website.

Beneficial Properties

  • Durability Strong performance, toughness and resilience
  • Corrosion-resistant High resistance to certain corrosive environments and elements, fatigue and wear
  • Surface Stability Resistance to mechanical and thermal fatigue and shock
  • Flexibility Good workability, weldability and easy to machine
  • Shock-resistant Their coefficient thermal expansion makes the seal resistant to shock and cracking

Markets & Applications

  • Seawater applications such as: wire rope, propellor blades, submarine fittings, undersea communicatio
  • Vehicular components for aircraft and land-based transport such as: engine exhaust systems, heat-exchanger tubing, fuel and hydraulic line tubing, combustion systems

Inconel 625 Mechanical Properties

Metallurgical ConditionAnnealed Rod
Yield StrengthKSI (MPa)60-95 (414-655)
Tensile StrengthKSI (MPa)120-150 (827-1034)

Inconel 625 Technical Specifications

RodsB446; B564; E11217744; 17752
SheetB44317744; 1775015156-3
Wire17744; 17753
Rods2154C; 5666
Sheet5599MR0175; MR0103API 5LD
Strip5599; 5869MR0175API 5LD

Inconel 625 Chemistry

NickelNi58-71 Max
IronFe5 Max
SiliconSi0.4 Max
ManganeseMn0.5 Max
SulphurS0.01 Max
PhosphorousP0.01 Max
TitaniumTi0.4 Max
Niobium + TantalumNb + Ta3.2-3.8 Max
AluminiumAl0.4 Max

Inconel 625 Physical Properties

Curie Temp°F<320
Melting Point°F2354-2462
Specific HeatJ/g - °CN/A
Poisson's CoefficientN/A

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