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Inconel 718

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Inconel 718 (Alloy 718) is a well-known austenitic nickel-based super alloy which exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength, even at cryogenic temperatures.

City Special Metals manufacture a wide range of Inconel 718 products, always to the highest standard. As well as this, we also work with other specialist alloys and are widely known as Europe's largest stockist of low and controlled expansion alloys. Want to know more about Inconel 718, our products or would like to get a quote? Discuss your requirements by contacting our team today.

Inconel 718 Stockist Range

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    Beneficial Properties

    • Shock-resistant Their coefficient thermal expansion makes the seal resistant to shock and cracking
    • Flexibility Good workability, weldability and easy to machine
    • Durability Strong performance, toughness and resilience
    • Corrosion-resistant High resistance to certain corrosive environments and elements, fatigue and wear

    Markets & Applications

    • Manufacture of turbine engines, both aircraft and automobile
    • Aerospace components such as: wheels, buckets, spacers and fasteners
    • Manufacture of other equipment and instrumentation parts for industrial machinery
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    Inconel 718 Composition

    Mechanical Properties

    Annealed, Aged
    Yield StrengthKSI (MPa)125
    Tensile StrengthKSI (MPa)180
    Elongation50mm10 (%)

    Technical Specifications

    B637N077182.4668API 6A 718


    NickelNi50-55 Max
    CarbonC0.08 Max
    ChromiumCr17-21 Max
    SiliconSi0.35 Max
    ManganeseMn0.35 Max
    SulphurS0.015 Max
    PhosphorusP0.015 Max
    MolybdenumMo2.80-3.30 Max
    TitaniumTi0.65-1.15 Max
    BoronB0.001-0.006 Max
    AluminiumAl0.35-0.80 Max
    CopperCu0.15 Max
    Niobium + TantalumNb + Ta4.75-5.50 MAx

    Physical Properties

    Curie Temp°F-169.6 (aged)
    °C-112 (aged)
    Melting Point°F2200-2450
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
    20-100°C12.1 x 10-6/°C
    Youngs / Shears ModulusMPa200,000
    Specific HeatJ/g-°C20
    Thermal Conductivity at 20°CW/m.K°C11.1
    Magnetic Permeability at 20°C<1.002
    Specific Electrical Resistance at 20°C(µΩ-m)1.25

    Inconel 718 Products & Properties

    Inconel 718 is used in applications requiring high strength to approximately 760°C (1400°F) and oxidation resistance to approximately 982°C (1800°F) . Being a mixture of nickel and chromium, it exhibits high levels of strength and durability.

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