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Other Speciality Alloys
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Other Speciality Alloys Composition

Speciality Alloys from the UK’s largest stockist

Below is a list of other speciality alloys we also keep in stock at City Special Metals. Hopefully, if the alloy you’re looking for isn’t in the list of our main Specialist Alloys, you’ll find it below.

Even if you haven’t seen the alloy you’re looking for in the table, or on the rest of our website, please feel free to contact us.

AlloyFamilyUNSWerkstoffAdded Information
1050Aluminium AlloyUNS A91050 Aluminium Alloy
5251Aluminium AlloyUNS A95251 Aluminium Alloy
6061Aluminium AlloyUNS A96061 Aluminium Alloy
1200ALAluminium AlloyUNS A91200 Aluminium Alloy
2014-T6Aluminium AlloyUNS A92014 Aluminium Alloy
2024-T851Aluminium AlloyUNS A92024 Aluminium Alloy
6061-T6Aluminium AlloyUNS A96061 Aluminium Alloy
6082-T6Aluminium AlloyUNS A96082 Aluminium Alloy
7075-T6Aluminium AlloyUNS A97075 Aluminium Alloy
T314Laustenitic and heat resistant stainless steelUNS S31400W.Nr 1.4841Heat Resistant
C103Commercial Copper  commercially pure oxygen free copper
Alloy 46Controlled Expansion AlloyUNS N06002W.Nr 2.4665Controlled Expansion Alloy
Alloy 48Controlled Expansion AlloyUNS K94800W.Nr 1.3922Controlled Expansion Alloy
Alloy 49Controlled Expansion AlloyUNS K94840 Controlled Expansion Alloy
Alloy 52Controlled Expansion AlloyUNS N14052 Controlled Expansion Alloy
Nimonic 50Corrosion Reistance AlloyUNS N06002W.Nr 2.4665igh-temperature low creep superalloys
Alloy 400Corrosion Reistance AlloyUNS N04400W.Nr 2.4360, 24361Corrosion Reistance Alloy
Alloy C276Corrosion Reistance AlloyUNS N10276W.Nr 2.4819Corrosion Reistance Alloy
Alloy K500Corrosion Reistance AlloyUNS N05500W.Nr 2.4375Corrosion Reistance Alloy
MolybdenumCorrosion resistance AlloyUNS R03600 ductile and high resistance to corrosion
HastalloyC22Corrosion resistance AlloyUNS N06022W.Nr 2.4602Corrosion resistance Alloy
Alloy X750Corrosion resistance AlloyUNS N07750W.Nr2.4669Austenitic Precipitation-hardenable Alloy
Alloy 330High Performance AlloyUNS N08330 Austenitic Nickel-Iron-Chromium Alloy
HiMu80Shielding AlloyUNS N07750 Shielding Alloy
MuMetalShielding Alloy  Magntic Sheilding Alloy
TUNGSTEN90-10Sintered Alloy Tungsten-Copper Composite Material
ArcCastMolySintered Metal  VAC (Vacuum Arc Cast) Molybdenum
TANTALUMSintered MetalUNS R05200, R05400 Pure Ductile Metal
Moly RheniumSintered Metal  High Ductility Alloy
TUNG99.95Sintered Metal  99.95% Pure Tunsten
RemkoBSoft Magnectic Iron  High Purity Soft Iron
A310Stainless steelUNS S31008W.Nr 1.4845Stainless Steel
13-8MOStainless steelUNS S13800W.Nr 1.4534Precipitation/Age-hardening Stainless Steel
15-5PHStainless steelUNS S15500 Precipitation Stainless Steel
17-4PHStainless steelUNS S174000W.Nr 1.4548Precipitation Stainless Steel
AerMet 100Stainless steelUNS K92580 Martensitic Stainless Steel
Alloy 440CStainless steelUNS S44000W.Nr 1.4125martensitic stainless steel
T416Stainless steelUNS N08825 martensitic free-machining stainless steel.
T420Stainless steelUNS S42000 hardenable, martensitic stainless
T410Stainless steelUNS S41000 general hardenable, martensitic stainless steel
Alloy 20Stainless steelUNS N08020W.Nr2.4660Austenitic Stainless Steel
Alloy 4130Steel AlloyUNS G41300W.Nr 1.7218Steel Alloy
4140Steel AlloyUNS G41400W.Nr 1.7225High Tensile Steel
C250-OSteel AlloyUNS K92890 age-hardenable iron-nickel steel.
MP35NSuper AlloyUNS R30035W.Nr 2.4999ultra high strength, toughness, ductility and corrosion resistanc
Alloy 600Super AlloyUNS N06600W.Nr 2.4816Super Alloy
Alloy 601Super AlloyUNS N06601W.Nr 2.4851Super Alloy
RENE41Super AlloyUNS N07041W.Nr 2.4973precipitation hardening, nickel-based high temperature alloy
PYROMET680Super AlloyUNS N06002 nonmagnetic, heat and corrosion resistant, nickel-base alloy
Alloy P550Super AlloyUNS S39255 nonmagnetic, austenitic Mn-Cr-steel with a high nitrogen content
Alloy 404Super AlloyUNS N04404 Non Magnetic Alloy
Nimonic 75Super AlloyUNS N06075W.Nr2.4951, 2.4630Nickel based super alloy
TitaniumG3TitaniumUNS R50550 unalloyed titanium providing higher mechanical strength
TitaniumG2TitaniumUNS R50400 high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corro- sion resistance Alloy
TitaniumG1TitaniumUNS R50250 Commercial pure titanium
TitaniumG5TitaniumUNS R056400 alpha-beta alloy
C71500 C17500  high strength and good creep resistance at high temperatures
S600 N06600W.Nr2.4816
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